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Hardness & Diamond Content


Carborite shares 98% the same hardness as diamond, and this is demonstrated on the Mohs scale. Mohs is “a scale of hardness for minerals that ranges from a value of 1 for talc to 10 for diamond” (Merriam Webster Dictionary 2020).

Carborite produces the same range of hardness as diamond as calculated by the Vickers Hardness test. The Vickers Hardness test is the industry standard test that determines the hardness of a material based on the Mohs scale and assesses the exact hardness of a material by calculating the pressure needed to create an indentation upon it.

Diamond Content

Carborite tests positive for diamond because they confirm the same spike as diamond on Raman Spectroscophic Analysis. This is due to the pure diamond content and the molecular structure of the stone as a whole. Carborite also test positive for diamond on any hand-held industry diamond tester, including the Presidium Multi Tester III and GemTrue Tester.