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For the Jeweller

We do not sell to public on a retail level and we DO NOT plan to do so in the future.

We have representative office in several countries in USA (east coast/west coast), United Kingdom, France and Turkey.

Due to our limited production capacity (of which we are trying to expand), we can hardly catch up with our current inquiries.

Carborite does have its advantages

Because size does matter.
Beauty matters.
You matter, and so do your loyal customers.

Carborite exhibit the crucial properties of the finest grade diamonds

  • Equal hardness to diamond
  • Same visual characteristics to diamonds
  • As long lasting and durable as a diamond

Carborite is fraction of the cost of lab grown and mined diamonds

  • With a linear cost structure that is affordable and fair
  • You can offer more for less and re-invigorate your margins
  • Design option choice increases for you and your buyer