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What is Carborite ?

Carborite® is a lab created diamond alternative of pure diamond and the finest grade lab grown jewel. The stone is as unique as it is exquisite.

Utilising cutting edge CVD diamond technology— diamond is grown directly onto a specialised moissanite core. This compound diamond develops as a unified crystalline gemstone that rivals the brilliance, strength, integrity and beauty of the finest grade diamonds.

Why is it so special?

To the naked eye, Carborite is visually identical to diamond. In fact, they look so very much like pure diamond, that they have been known to fool even the most seasoned certified gemologists. Carborite test positive for diamond in Raman spectrographic analysis and with hand-held industry gem testers. However, the ‘looking like’ and ‘beeping positive’ for diamond is only part of what makes the Carborite so special.

Carborite jewels are …

  • Equally as hard as diamond
  • Each stone is cut & polished by hand by expert diamond cutters
  • Tougher and more resilient to damage than diamond
  • Less likely to chip, crack and show wear and tear over time
  • Colour: E-F-G
  • Clarity: IF-VVS1
  • Cut: Hand cut and polished to the highest standards (Hearts & Arrows, “Super Ideal Cut”)
  • Carat: Perfect Industry Standard Round Brilliant Dimensions
  • Fancy Cuts : Industry Ideal Ratios…

Lustrous, dazzling and full of depth, Carborite is ethically produced and eco-friendly. Priced at a fraction of the cost of lab grown and mined diamonds, a Carborite is a justified stone as itself.