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What exactly is a Carborite?

Carborite is a state of the art created diamond alternative made of specially engineered moissanite and pure diamond (sp3 bonds). Diamond is grown into and on a moissanite core utilising cutting edge CVD technology (high plasma microwave and chemical vapor deposition).

The resulting stone is a unified diamond compound, as long-lasting, strong and beautiful as the finest grade diamond.

How can you tell the difference between Carborite and Diamonds?

Because the Carborite looks like diamond to the naked eye, and is so similar to diamond in structural characteristics, without laser inscription, differentiating the stone from natural and created diamond is a very difficult task. To guarantee that our stone cannot pass as natural or created diamond, each Carborite is laser inscribed, unless otherwise requested by our sales regions. Some customers DO NOT want a laser inscription.

Carat Weight and Carborite

The carat (ct) of a stone reflects dimension more than weight itself: it is the size that truly dictates the ‘carat’ of a gemstone, this is because different gems have different weights, but must adhere to size in order to be utilised for the manufacturing of jewellery. A Carborite jewelry stone made of diamond (C) and moissanite (SiC). As a compound stone its “weight” reflects the combination of both. So the 1 carat Carborite is 0.93ct in weight compared to pure diamond, but is always 6.5mm in diameter, the SIZE of a pure 1ct diamond. This information is backed up by the Carborite certification givind DEW (Diamond Equivalent Weight) and if requested a laser inscription. Our Carborite jewelry stones are always a perfect industry standard carat size equivalency.

Is Carborite cut and polished by hand?

Each Carborite stone is hand cut and polished because this is the only way to achieve a perfect finish. Diamonds are also hand cut and polished for the same reason— machines simply cannot achieve this perfect finish. Hand cutting and polishing by artisans ensures that all surface imperfections are polished out to create exquisitely smooth, sharp facets that truly allow the stone to look and perform at its very best.

Will a Carborite last forever?

Carborite is meant to last a lifetime and beyond. As hard as diamond, and just as exquisite Carborites will not loose color, fade, loose brilliance or scratch. In fact Carborite is actually more resistant to chipping and cracking than pure diamond that might have unseen cleavages or cracks.